I love to build, learn & share code

I've been a full time freelancer developer for almost 10 years and worked for the major advertising agencies in Brazil. I have a true passion to solve problems and bring good projects to life!

I consider myself an entrepreneur developer, because I make my own projects, building new solutions, making things easier to use, while having lots of fun coding. From time to time I try to gather a team of friends (designers and developers) to help me to bootstrap projects.

Who is Miguel Medeiros?

Hi, I'm Miguel Medeiros, a full-stack web developer from Brazil who lives in Curitiba. I'm 34 years old, married and I have a dog that I can call my favorite evil!

I've started to learn code when I was 13 years old, and never stopped since then. I have a true passion to discover new technologies and share knowledge as much as I can.

My favorite hobbies are: traveling, astronomy, chess, soccer, drinking a good beer with my friends and, more recently, Raspberry Pi and Arduino gadgets.

What do I do?

I can summarize my full stack developer activities in 5 major steps:

  1. Planning with the client;
  2. Building the back-end;
  3. Building basic layout;
  4. Building the front-end;
  5. And prepare all the necessary infrastructure.

What technologies do I use?

I've learned a lot of programming languages (PHP, JavaScript, NodeJS, Arduino, etc), and I try to use them as a tool to solve my client's problems. So I don't like to consider myself an expert in any language, but a skilled guy who understands the business and solve with the necessary logic to build them. But if you'd like to know my favorite technologies:

What are my professional jobs?

My complete professional portfolio is not here! Although I eventually serve end-users, most of my work is done for advertising agencies that rely on my service.

To access an updated portfolio, please send an e-mail to miguel@miguelmedeiros.com.br requesting my lastest jobs.

How can you pay for my services?

I only accept Paypal or Bitcoin payments.

What are my own projects?

Here is a list of my personal projects that I've made on my spair time. Most of them are about Bitcoin, a decentralized technology that I got addicted since I heard about it!

Mulher Descomplicada

Videos, Blog, Health, Medicine

A blog that I made for my wife, that became a huge site in Brazil.

Crypto Candies

Raspberry Pi, Bitcoin, Opensource

It's a prototype that you can buy candies with Bitcoin.

Youtube Channel

Videos, Bitcoin, Education

A series of videos that I made to share what I learned about Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Utility Belt

NPM Package, Bitcoin, Opensource

It's a bundle of functions to make easier to build Bitcoin websites/apps.

Mr. Watson

Exchange Dashboard, Bitcoin, Opensource

An inteligent dashboard to buy or sell Bitcoins on exchanges.

Van Augen

Bitcoin, Opensource

You can make a custom Bitcoin address with this project.

Minha Carteira Bitcoin

Block Explorer, Bitcoin

It's a very simple Bitcoin coin wallet explorer and price calculator.


Education, Bitcoin

Learn terms and slang from the universe of crypto while having fun!

Where can you find me on the Internet?

Let's work together!

Send me a message. But please, try to describe as much as you can about your project!