I love to build, learn & share code

I've been a full time freelancer developer for almost 10 years and worked for the major advertising agencies in Brazil. I have a true passion to solve problems and bring good projects to life!

I consider myself an entrepreneur developer, because I make my own projects, building new solutions, making things easier to use, while having lots of fun coding. From time to time I try to gather a team of friends (designers and developers) to help me to bootstrap projects.

Who is Miguel Medeiros?

Hi, I'm Miguel Medeiros, a full-stack web developer from Brazil who lives in Curitiba. I'm 32 years old, married and I have a dog that I can call my favorite evil!

I've started to learn code when I was 13 years old, and never stopped since then. I have a true passion to discover new technologies and share knowledge as much as I can.

My favorite hobbies are: traveling, astronomy, chess, soccer, drinking a good beer with my friends and, more recently, Raspberry Pi and Arduino gadgets.

What do I do?

I can summarize my full stack developer activities in 5 major steps:

  1. Planning with the client;
  2. Building the back-end;
  3. Building basic layout;
  4. Building the front-end;
  5. And prepare all the necessary infrastructure.

What technologies do I use?

I've learned a lot of programming languages (PHP, JavaScript, NodeJS, Arduino, etc), and I try to use them as a tool to solve my client's problems. So I don't like to consider myself an expert in any language, but a skilled guy who understands the business and solve with the necessary logic to build them. But if you'd like to know my favorite technologies:

What are my professional jobs?

My complete professional portfolio is not here! Although I eventually serve end-users, most of my work is done for advertising agencies that rely on my service.

To access an updated portfolio, please send an e-mail to miguel@miguelmedeiros.com.br requesting my lastest jobs.

How can you pay for my services?

I only accept Paypal or Bitcoin payments.

Hourly wage rate: U$25.00

What are my own projects?

Here is a list of my personal projects that I've made on my spair time. Most of them are about Bitcoin, a decentralized technology that I got addicted since I heard about it!

Mulher Descomplicada

Videos, Blog, Health, Medicine

A blog that I made for my wife, that became a huge site in Brazil.

Crypto Candies

Raspberry Pi, Bitcoin, Opensource

It's a prototype that you can buy candies with Bitcoin.

Youtube Channel

Videos, Bitcoin

A series of videos that I made to share what I learned about Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Utility Belt

NPM Package, Bitcoin, Opensource

It's a bundle of functions to make easier to build Bitcoin websites/apps.

Mr. Watson

Exchange Dashboard, Bitcoin, Opensource

An inteligent dashboard to buy or sell Bitcoins on exchanges.

Van Augen

Bitcoin, Opensource

You can make a custom Bitcoin address with this project.

Minha Carteira Bitcoin

Block Explorer, Bitcoin

It's a very simple Bitcoin coin wallet explorer and price calculator.

Where can you find me on the Internet?

Let's work together!

Send me a message. But please, try to describe as much as you can about your project!

Complete the form below or send me an e-mail: miguel@miguelmedeiros.com.br